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Gilded Twig reflects art conservator and master gilder Deborah Bigelow's long career in art conservation and current business interest in handmade gold leaf art jewelry. 


The Right Stuff

deborah bigelow

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I want to be surrounded by things that I love.

Recently, I read Marie Kondo’s the life-changing magic of tidying up which gave me insights on how to deal with the physical stuff in my life.

I’ve been struggling with stuff my entire life, beginning in a childhood home filled with antiques and beautiful objects. My nomadic 20’s and 30’s gave my mother many opportunities to gift some of her collection to me in each new residence. Business was the focus of my 40’s and 50’s, topped by a happy marriage merging two households! Thus, I came to share my life with a lot of random things.

Now I am in my 60’s. I’m purging my home and studio of all the things I never wanted, don’t like or no longer need. I’m in that emotional zone where my favorite room is an empty room. But, we don’t live our lives in empty rooms. We fill them with things that help us live our lives. 

I’ve never been a “gotta have it” girl. I’m beginning to figure out what those few things are that will add to the happiness in my life. And that journey will occasionally involve making things that use my gilding skills. I’ll be “twigging it” for a burst of joy in my life as brilliant as gold, itself. 

How about you? Are you living with the right stuff?

Marie Kondo NY Times Best Seller

Marie Kondo NY Times Best Seller

My family in 1963

My family in 1963